About Me

Hello and welcome, to all fellow guardians of dogs, my name is Louise and my 2 springer spaniels, 10 year old Lucy and 3 year old ElleJay – who are my life and soul - are the driving force behind me becoming a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist.

Sadly, as Lucy reached her prime, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and as a consequence suffers from arthritis not only in her hind limbs but in her forelimb paws and suffers with various muscular issues as well, but with support from clinical canine massage therapy, this does not stifle her natural springer spaniel zest for life. That is why I believe in clinical canine massage therapy, as an effective results driven physical therapy for dogs and as a vocation and a privilege, to help all dogs to enjoy being a dog and to do what dogs do best.


After 25 years of working in the food industry, whilst raising a family, I changed career direction and wanted to give back to those companions of ours, who support and love us unconditionally every-day. So, I gained my level 3 professional dog groomers certificate and started my own dog grooming, professional dog walking and dog day care/boarding business prior and whilst retraining as a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist. I have also received training in canine first aid and attended workshops on canine communication and body language.

So at momentum clinical canine massage, my aim is to help your dog enjoy being a dog for as long as they can whatever that means to them.

Momentum Canine Massage

My moto:

Family is a circle of strength - defined by commitment & love – not last name, species or blood. It means -  showing up when needed most; having each-others backs; choosing to love unconditionally and NEVER giving up on one another.