Scar Tissue Hurts!

In this blog I explore what scar tissue is, how massage can benefit scar tissue, why and how I know scar tissue hurts, how this helps me as a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist and subsequently how this helps your canine companion. ‘Scar tissue’, is not just the visible area after a wound or an incision…

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Crufts and the real winners in my eyes!

Crufts 2019

My first time at Crufts and I discovered it’s not just about showing dogs but so much more.  On Thursday – Gundog day – I attended as a professional, where I got the opportunity to represent the Canine Massage Guild with lots of other lovely guild members – on our stand in Hall 1. We…

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Canine First Aid & My 5 Top Tips

Canine First Aid

Yes you read it right – first aid for dogs!! This is me on Sunday 3rdMarch 2019 standing at the back on the right – holding my certificate (I’m next to the lady holding the puppy!) – after successfully completing my ‘Dog First Aid Emergency Canine Care’ Course. This is the second year in a…

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